Silk Farm

Why to visit?
  • Abundantly cultivating mulberry plants on which silk worms are grown comfortably
  • Entire process regarding silk production can be understood from this place.
  • Children can learn the life cycle of silk worms, the method by which they are fed and the way employed to spin the silk threads.
  • Apart from the manufacturing of silk threads, this is an important landscape site from where enchanting natural beauty can be assimilated.
  • The skill of breeding silk worms and the production of silk threads from cocoons are the traditional arts of Yercaud.



  • Very close to the Lady’s seat viewpoint


Entrance Fees:
  • FREE Entry


  • 10am – 5 pm (All days of the week)


Restaurants Nearby:
  • Rock Perch Restaurant (Sterling Holidays)
  • Local eateries
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