Pookode Lake

  • A scenic freshwater lake.
  • Pookode is a natural fresh water lake nestling amid evergreen forests and mountain slopes at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level.
  • Panamaram, the rivulet which ultimately becomes Kabani River, originates from the Pookode lake.
  • The lake has the shape of India's map.
  • This perennial fresh water lake, nestled among wooded hills, is only one of its kinds in Kerala.
  • The lake has abundance of blue lotus and fresh water fishes.
  • 10.7 km from Kalpetta
  • Sunrise to Sunset

Entry Fees

  • Adults - Rs.10
  • Child - Rs.5

Boating Fees:

  • Rs.30(2 persons)
  • Rs.50(5 persons)
Restaurants nearby
  • Local eateries available
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