Thanjavur Art Gallery

Why to visit?
•Located within Thanjavur Royal Palace, also called Tanjore Art Gallery.
•A big collection of bronze and stone statues and idols belonging to the Chola period.
• Walls of the art gallery adorn painting and sculptures of South India that prevailed during the peak of the Tamil history.
•Main attraction : An idol of Raja Serfoji.
•1 km from Thanjavur Railway Junction (Kumbakonam)
Entrance Fees:
•Adults : INR 5
 Child : INR 2
 Foreign Nationalist : INR 20
 Students : INR 1
 Still Camera : INR 30
 Video Camera : INR 300
•9 am -1 pm ; 3 pm – 6 pm (All days of the week)
Restaurants Nearby:

•Kamakshi Bhavan, Vasantha Bhawan

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