Festivals:-Festivals in Sunderbans

The Sunderbans Mangrove Festival
  • Jointly organised by the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, West Bengal Police and the Wildlife Protection Society of India.
  • Aim : Create awareness and educate the public about the importance of mangrove forests and their sustainability.
  • Local artists performed folk songs and dances centred on local heroes and mythological characters like forest goddess Bonbibi and her brother Shah Jangoli.
  • People pray to Maa Banbibi for the safety and security from any sorts of forest's danger. She is worshipped mostly by the honey-collectors and the woodcutters before entering the mangrove forest of the Sunderbans, for protection against the attacks from the tigers. 
  • Held every year in January.
Rash Mela
  • 3 day festival held every year in November during Rash Purnima ( Rash full moon).
  • 200 year old annual festival.
  • Rural fair occurs in this Jamespore village, Dublar Char Island.
  • People take a holy bath in the river.
  • Festival based on the meeting of Radha and Lord Krishna
  • A good experience for the local and international tourists.
  • Handicrafts and Precious wooden items are put on sale. 
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