Dublar Char Island

Why to visit?
  • A small beautiful island at Sunderban's southern region.
  • Famous for beautiful scenic spots and fish catching.
  • A (dry) fish processing factory has recently been established here.
  • Famous for Rash Mela which started 200 years back and holy bath, a Hindu festival.
  • Herds of spotted deer can be seen grazing on this natural island.
  • Southern border of Sunderbans.


Entrance Fees:
  • Indians : INR 15 per head
  • Foreign Nationalists : INR 150 per head
  • Still Camera : INR 300 per head
  • Video Camera : FREE
  • Boat ride:  INR 100 per head
  • Sunrise to Sunset
  • All days of the week
Restaurants Nearby:
  • Local eateries are available.
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