Ashoka Pillar

  • Erected in the 3rd century B.C.
  • Consists of a shaft and a crown of four lions that stand back to back.
  • Structure is infuenced by the Greco Buddhist style.
  • Stands strong and appears newly built despite being centuries old.
  • Resembles the Sarnath pillar a lot.
  • Structural balance of the Ashoka Pillar is very admirable.
  • Lions of the Ashoka Pillar do not support the wheel of law or Dharmachakra.
  • Polish of the Ashoka Pillar is brilliant and shines to this day.
  • Sunrise to Sunset
Entrance Fee
  • Free
Restaurants nearby
  • Monji Kalyanji , Prabhat Dall Mill Co., Barai Pura Road
  • Krishna Garden Restaurant
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