Manakula Vinayagar Temple

Why to visit?
  • An important itinerary of Puducherry pilgrimage.
  • Constructed thee centuries ago and still stands in all its magnificent glory.
  • In Tamil ‘manal’ means sand, ‘kulam’ means pond near sea, people called the god as ‘God near the pond of sea’.
  • Bears similarity with temples of South India.
  • Dedicated to worship of lord Ganesh, within premise lies shrine devoted to lord murugan.
  • The pilgrims are entertained by the temple elephant Lakshmi., who collects coins from tourists  and showers blessings through her trunk.
  • 5:45am-12:30pm
  • 4pm-9pm
  • till 10 pm on Friday
  • 6 kms from Puducherry airport
Restaurants Nearby:
  • Suruguru[3.6kms]
  • west boulevard[2.5kms] 
Entrance Fees:
  • FREE Entry
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