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Arikamedu :-

Why to visit?

  • Lies on the right bank of Ariyankuppam River, this is a Archaelogocal Site.
  • The port town was inhabited by Romans, Cholas and French who left their mark on this wonderful place.
  • Picturesque view resembling like the Garden of Eden with mangoes and orchards.
  • A fishing colony was used as a port for trading with the Romans and the Greco-Romans.
  • Find the remains of an 18th century French Jesuit Mission house here.
  • Let History seep into your bones.



  • 11 kms from Puducherry airport


  • Sunrise to Sunset
  • All days of the week

Entrance Fees:

  • FREE Entry


Restaurants Nearby:

  • energy home
  • don  Giovanni restaurant

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