Jahangir Mahal

  • Called by Lutyens “one of the most interesting buildings in the whole of India”.
  • Sits on a sandstone hill.
  • Gates or Iwans are large enough to allow entry of War elephants.
  • Several other structures around the mahal, including a fort, a palace, cenotaphs in the town.
  • Collector’s Office nearby, which has been turned into a state museum.
  • Heavy yet light, climbing three storeys high with apartments topped with domes and hanging balconies.
  • Represents a zenith of medieval Islamic architecture. 
  • The relatively higher position compared to surrounding area made this palace a very important palace for the Mughals.
  • Inside Orchha Fort
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Entrance Fee
  • Rs.5 (Indians)
  • Rs.30 (Foreigners)
Restaurants nearby
  • Ram Raja, Jehangir Mahal Rd
  • Betwa Tarang, Jehangir Mahal Rd
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