• Home to one of the 12 jyothirlinga temples.
  • Located at the source of river Godavari, perched on top of Brahmagiri hills.
  • The waters of the Godavari literally sprout out of the center of the Jyotirlinga.
  • The next Kumbh here will fall in August-September 2015.  
  • The Linga here is a three-faced structure which consists of Tridev .
  • Lakhs of devotees visit on the eve of navratri.
  • Legends have their that those who visit this temple attains moksha or salvation.
  • Surrounded by a scenic landscape.
  • 42 km from Nashik
  • Sunrise to Sunset
Entrance Fee
  • Free
Restaurants nearby
  • Local eateries available
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