Kannan Devan Tea Museum

  • Antiquity of the burial urn excavated from the vicinity of Periakanal estate, 2nd century
  • 30 minutes documentary about the place
  • Country’s first ever tea museum located at KDHP’s Nullatanni Estate
  • Entrance of the museum has a granite sundial that was made in 1913 by the Art Industrial School
  • Witness early 20th century royal furniture like magneto phone, cash safe, wooden bathtub, iron oven and typewriters in the museum


  • 2.6 kms from Munnar bus stop
  • 9 am - 5 pm (except Monday)
Entrance Fee
  • Rs.75 (adult)
  • Rs.35 (child)
  • Rs.20 (camera)
Restaurants nearby
  • Rapsy Restaurant
  • SN Restaurant
  • Royal Retreat
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