Essel World

  • The largest amusement park in the country
  • The ultimate destination for a weekend family outing and a definite treat for kids
  • Scream, laugh, take a deep breath and then scream again with the breathtaking rides and much more !! 
  • 5 kms from Borivali Railway Station
  • All days of the week 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Entrance Fee
  • Rs.490 per person for Children (single pack entry)
  • Rs.790 per person for Adults (single pack entry) 
  • Rs.290 per person Senior citizens (single pack entry) 
  • Rs.1,000 per person for Adults (combined) 
  • Rs.390 per person for Senior citizens (combined)
  • Rs.790 per person for Children (combined)
Restaurants nearby
  • Dominos Pizza (Near Essel World Park +91-22-28452144)
  • Phenomenals Restaurant (+91-22-28688801)
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