Rani Rupmati's Pavilion

  • Rani Rupmati was a very beautiful Hindu singer
  • Originally built as an army outpost, later used as a romantic rendezvous site for the queen 
  • Using all his clout and wealth, Baz Bahadur built this magnificent piece of architecture to showcase his love for her
  • Constructed on the banks of river Narmada
  • Believed that Rani Rupmati was so much in awe of the river that she would not even drink water unless she saw the Narmada river
  • Place is still squeaky clean as the earlier times
  • 6.4 km away from Hindola Mahal
  • Preferably at sunset
Entrance Fee
  • Rs.5 (Indians and SAARC Nationals)
  • Rs.100 (Foreigner)
Restaurants nearby
  • Malwar Retreat Cafeteria , Street Main Road
  • Malwa Resort , Near Sagar Lake
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