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Moodabidri :-

Why to visit?

  • Popularly known as Jain Kashi as it is one of the major centers of Jainism in South India.
  • Saavira Kambada Basadi Jain Temple – 1000 pillar Jain Temple
  • Popular Places to visit here are :, Chandranatha, Jain Nishidis, Konaje Kallu
  • Because of widely grown bamboo in ancient days, this place got named as Moodabidri. 
  • Moodabidri comes from 2 words: Moodu (East) and Bidiru (Bamboo).
  • Major Festivals : Hulivesha (Tiger Dance) , Kambala (Buffalo race), Navratri, Maari Pooja etc.


  • 66 km from  Kudremukh


  • Sunrise to Sunset (All days of the week)

Entrance Fees:

  • Specific to different places to visit

Restaurants Nearby:

  • Navami restaurant
  • Padival's restaurant
  • Pai's Parivar restaurant
  • Sri Laxmi restaurant
  • Hotel Pancharathna International

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