Prominent Festivals:-

  • Celebrated in the month of January, this is also called Bhutia New Year.
  • Fairs are organized along the Teesta River. 
  • The fairs display local home-made handicrafts and food items.
  • Long processions are seen.
  • People take part in traditional dances. 
• Celebrated in month of February/March.
• Buddhist festival and is also known as the Tibetan New Year.
•celebrated for 15 days, with the main celebrations on the first 3 days. 
• The youth perform Yak dance in colorful attire.
•Monasteries are ornately decorated.
•The Tibetan dance 'Cham' can be seen within the monasteries.
•Lamas enact dramas, the main theme being 'conquering the demons'.
•Religious lore ,the beating of drums, blowing of conch shells, flutes etc... a great scene to watch in monasteries.
Independence Day
•Celebrates the occasion on two days: August 15 and 16.
•events held at the Mela Ground
•Students participate in the “fest” in large numbers. 
•The marching band displayed by school contingents
•football matches are played between students


Dashain Or Durga Puja
• celebrated during late September-early October.
•festival of the Nepalese
•10 day long festival 
•more than 50 pandals are set up for pujas in Kalimpong
•city is decorated with lights
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