Why to visit?
  • A temple complex located on the banks of Pinakini River.
  • A must visit for history buffs!
  • Vaishnavas call it as Madhya Ahobhilam and Saivas as Madhya Kailasam.
  • The Amrita Sarovar would be a thrilling experience, according to local legend, about its sanctity - when Garuda was carrying nectar from Indra Loka, one drop of it fell at this place and turned the pool into a sacred one.
  • Now called as a second Hampi, is one of the important Advaitha Mutts established by Sankaracharya.
  • Only place in Andhra Pradesh where the holy Peetham of Sankaracharya is located.
  • Annual festival is held for 10 days in march – April.
  • Other important temples : Chennakesava Temple, Trikuteswara Temple, Bhimeshwara Temple, Vaidyanatha Swami Temple
  • 9 am - 7 pm (All days of the week)
Entrance Fees:
  • FREE Entry
  • 16 km from Kadapa Railway Station
Entrance Fees:
  • Local eateries.
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