Prominent Festivals:-Prominent Festivals in Jammu

Jammu Festival
•Organized to promote the cultural heritage of the city of Jammu.
•The inaugural event of the festival is cultural procession, where one can see tableaus prepared by various artists and dance performances from various cultural zones of India.
•Light and sound programme is held at Bagh-e-Bahu in Jammu.
•Handloom and handicrafts exhibition is organized at the Jammu Haat.
•Various nukkad shows and art exhibitions are also organized during this festival.
Jhiri Fair
•The Jhiri Mela or the Jhiri festival is organized at Jhiri village near Jammu.
•Celebrated for both the reasons – Start of spring season and a prosperous and plentiful harvest and to honor a God or a Goddess
•This yearly festival is held in October-November.
•Devotees pay homage to brave farmer Baba Jit Mal who is popularly known as Baba Jitto.
•He sacrificed his life for the liberation of the farming community.
Shiv Khori Festival
•Organized at the renowned Shiv Khori Shrine on Mahashivratri.
•Lakhs of devotees visit this holy pilgrimage.
•Shiv Khori Shrine Board has taken up a number of steps to provide more and more facilities to the devotees
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