Mansar and Surinsar Lake

Why to visit?
  • A beautiful and serene picnic spot.
  • Wildlife observation and tied to many myths and religious beliefs.
  • Hindu mythology points the origination of the lake to the legendary warrior Arjuna.
  • Believed that he shot an arrow to the Mansar land and the arrow pierced the earth and came out through at a place in Surinsar, hence both the lakes are formed.
  • Perfect spot for boating and trekking.
  • The shrine to Sheshnag is located near the lake.
  • Ancient temples near the shore include edifices dedicated to Narsimha, Umapati Mahadev and Durga.
Entrance Fees:
Free Entry
Sunrise to Sunset (All days of the week)
42 kms from Jammu
Restaurants Nearby:
• Sharma Dhaba
• Dutta Restaurant
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