Kuldhara Village

  • Who knew a visit to Jaisalmer could translate into spooky thrills? head to Kuldhara to feel the hair rise!
  • A haunted village near Jaisalmer
  • No one lives in kuldhara, as well as its adjoining 85 villages, as these are believed to be cursed
  • The Palliwals used to live here since 1300 but left overnight in 1825


  • 19.8 Kms From Gandhi Nagar
  • 8 am - 6pm
Entrance Fee:
  • Rs.10 Per Person 
  • Rs.50 Per Person For Car
Restaurants nearby:
  • Renuka Restaurant, north Of Gandhi Chowk, Chainpura Street, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
  • Seven Spices  Restaurant
  • Rang Mahal Restaurant


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