Prominent Festivals:-

  • New year festival of Monpas.
  • Celebrations takes place with religious prayers, hoisting of religious flags on top of homes, reading of Buddhist scriptures.
  • Before the festival, Monpas clean their homes and discard old things to usher in New year.
  • 5 day festival in February
Reh Festival
  • Celebrated by Idu mishmis for 6 days.
  • Priest dance is a major attraction of the festival.
  • The festival is celebrated in full spirit with great enthusiasm.
Tamladu Festival
  • Dhigaru Muslims offer prayer to earth and water gods.
  • God Jebmalu is also worshipped during Tamladu.
  • An ancient festival of Arunachal Pradesh,
  • Natives believe that prayers offered to Lord protects them from natural calamities and keeps them safe.
  • Celebrated on 15th February every year.
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