Dudhsagar  Waterfalls

  • Literally meaning milky water waterfalls because of the color of the falls here
  • One of the highest waterfall in India and is a four-tiered waterfall
  • A railway line has been built across it and the view from the train is mesmerizing 
  • If trekking is your cup of tea, there's nothing like Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Trekking :

  • From the Castle Rock railway station (14 km) : Along the railway track(5-6 hours) .The route is also very picturesque. This route is open all year round. Trekkers should be careful of the trains passing by and full precaution should be made.
  • From Collem railway station(11 km) 
  • Popular among families. For this route, one has to reach the Doodhsagar Taxi stand first by a 4 wheeler and then do a 1km hiking to reach the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. From Kuveshi village and passes through a dense jungle and should be carried out only by experienced trekkers. (not available during monsoons)


  • 60 kms from Panajim and 46 kms from Madgaon
  • Sunrise -sunset
Entrance Fee
  • Free


Restaurants nearby
  • Gopi Restaurant
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