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Chakrata :-


• Renowned as a picturesque picnic spot.
• Yamuna valley is located down the hilly town
• Panoramic view of the surroundings from the hillock is astonishing
• Northern sloppy regions are ideal for trekking and skiing.
• Kharamba peak is the highest mount in Chakrata ( Alltitude of 10,000 ft).
• Nature lovers, Trekkers, bird watchers and wild life enthusiasts.
• Natural habitat of many wild life species including panther, spotted dear and wild fowls.


125 km from Dhanaulti. 

Places to visit

  1. Tiger Falls
  2. Budher Caves
  3. Deoban
  4. Ram Tal Horticulture Garden
  5. Chilmiri Neck
  6. Kalsi

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