Rock Garden

  • This Beautiful Garden Is A Man Made Garden By Cutting The Hill With A Natural Stream Cuts Through It
  • Walk Inside Of The Park With Cool Breeze Flowing, Peaceful Atmosphere
  • A Garden Fully Made Out Of Rock. It Is A Marvel Of Present day Architechture
  • Ganga Maya Park Has A Small Lake At Its Helm, With Boating Facilities
  • The Road To The Garden Is A Steep And Winding One Almost Touching The Plain
  • The Garden Offers A Beautiful View Of A Hill Stream Cascading Over Rocks Along The Slope
  • 5.5 kms away from Darjeeling Railway Station
  • 10 am - 4 pm
Entrance Fee
  • Rs. 10 (Indian)
  • Rs. 40 (non - Indian)
Restaurants nearby
  • The Park Restaurant
  • Keventer’s
  • Kunga Restaurant
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