Bakrota Hills

Why to visit?
  • Highest area in Dalhousie.
  • Circled by a road called Bakrota walk which leads to Khajjar.
  • Excellent sight of the snowcapped mountains Himalayas.
  • Surrounded by beautiful deodar trees.
  • Must visit “Bakrota Mall” – offers walk around the hill and see the magic!
  • New scene at every turn on this beautiful walk.
  • Reach highest point known as Lakkad Mandi ( the diversion point to Kalatope and Khajjiar 
  • Feel free and comfortable in arms of Mother Nature.
  • 3 km from main town


Entrance Fees:
  • FREE Entry


  • Sunrise to Sunset (All days of the week)


Restaurants Nearby:
  • Carry your own food and water bottles.
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