Sringeri Sharada Peetha

Why to visit?
  • Alternatively called the Dakshinamnaya Sharada Peetham.
  • One  of the 4 Hindu Advaita Mutts.
  • Yajur Veda is followed fervently here.
  • Goddess Sharada’s sculpture is present here.
  • Sahayadri mountain range can be seen overlooking the peetha.
  • Scriptures are recited here.
  • 86.5 km from the main city
  • ?7 am – 8:30 pm
  • All days of the week
Entrance Fees:
  • FREE Entry


Restaurants Nearby:
  • Fluid T nagar
  • Dindigul Thalapakatti Restaurant
  • Hotel Kongu Naadu Restaurant
  • Cloud Nine - Roof Top Restaurant
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