Prominent Festivals:-

The Bikaner Camel Festival and Fair
-Held in the month of January. -Dedicated to the indispensable ‘ship of the desert’ – The Camel. -Begins with a colourful procession of decorated camels followed by displays and the music and rhythm that make up Rajasthan. -Camel Races, Camel Acrobatics , folk dance etc. is organised on large scale
Kolyat Fair
-People take holy dip in Kolyat Lake on the day of fair to sanctify themseleves. -Celebrated in Kartik month (November). -Also called Kapil Munni
Gangaur Festival
-Celebrated to pay respect to Goddess Parvati - the wife of Lord Shiva -Womenfolk of Bikaner are seen dancing in the procession. -Celebrated for 18 days.
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