Upper Lake

  • A beautiful man-made lake built in the 11th century
  • Constructed by Raja Bhoj to cure skin diseases which were otherwise incurable
  • An attractive royal garden called Kamla Park in the vicinity
  • Enjoy a boat ride in the lake!!
  • Rich marine flora and fauna
  • Favorite among water enthusiasts
  • 11 km from Raja Bhoj Airport
  • Sunrise - Sunset
Entry Fee
  • No Entry Fee
  • Rs.60 per person Boating (Petrol Boats for 30 minutes)
  • Rs.60 per person Boating (Motorboats for 10 mins)
  • Rs.30 per person Boating (Paddle boats for 30 mins)
Restaurants Nearby
  • Cafe Coffee Day (gives a great view of the lake)
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