Nageshwarnath Temple

Why to visit?
  • Established by Kush, son of Lord Rama.
  • Legend : Kush lost his armlet while bathing in Sarayu and it was retrieved by Nag- Kanya who fell in love with him, as she was a devotee of Shiva Kush built her this temple.
  • It is also said that this temple survived after destruction of Ayodhya, Vikramaditya found Ayodhya  by means of this temple.
  • Festival of Shivratri is celebrated here with great splendor.
  • 2 kms from Ayodhya
  • 8am – 7 pm
  • All days of the week
Entrance Fees:
  • FREE Entry
Restaurants Nearby:
  • makan-malai restaurant
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